Address given by:

Timothy Field Beard

at the 66th annual dinner of  Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
"The Long Road to Charlemagne"


Tracy Ashley Crocker


Shari Worrell

Tribute to James John Howard Gregory

Campaign Presidential Citizens Medal


Diana M. Johnson

Has written three wonderful works of HISTORICAL FICTION
"Pepin's Bastard" a novel on the life of Charlemagne's grandfather who won the Battle of Poitiers against the Muslim cavalry on 17 October 732
"Destiny's Godchild" A novel of intrigue and enchantments in Frankish Gaul, which tells about the life of Pepin deVain, the earliest recorded ancestor of Charlemagne, as well as his friend Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, and the 7th Century Merovingian Court
"Quest for the Crown" Set in the turbulent years when the Catholic Church is splitting between Byzantium and Rome. Charles Martel's heirs battle to gain power. Who will win? Charlemagne's unappalled reign hangs on the outcome. Who will live and who will die, in the Quest for the Crown of Charlemagne?


Thomas Tisdale

A Lady of the High Hills
Natalie Delage Sumter
From her birth at the palace of Versailles to her death on a South Carolina plantation,
Natalie Delage Sumter (1782-1841) lived a life riveted by escape, adventure, grandeur and
hardship. A saga that spanned several tumultuous decades of French history and included
her residence on three continents.  The godchild of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette


"Reflections in an Old Mirror"

by: April Miller



Searching for my Heritage

By: Jeffrey LaRochelle

Telling My Story
In April 2005, I listened to a keynote speech at the annual Order of the Crown of Charlemagne meeting that explored the process and the emotions associated with this individual’s search for his ancestors. I realized that each of the avid genealogists in attendance that night had their own story to tell of how they began their own search for their heritage and the things that they learned and experienced along the way. Since my own search has had some interesting twists and turns, I decided to chronicle it so that I could share it with others. Click on Crown for full document.