Order of the Crown of Charlemagne  
in the  
United States of America

The Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America is an independent patriotic and lineal society, named in honor of the great Frankish Emperor, father of the Holy Roman Empire as well as of the Kingdom of France. The Carolinians ruled in Italy until 924, in Germany until 911, and in France until 987.

Charles the Great (742-814) ruled from 768 as King of the Franks,  conquered Saxons, Langobards, and Bavarians, and campaigned in Spain. He  restored the Roman Empire in the West and was crowned as Emperor on Christmas  Day in the year 800. He secured the borders of his Empire by creating Marches,  founded schools, and promoted the spread of Christianity in his lands. Without  this outstanding figure the history of the Western world might have taken a  different course. 

The Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America is  also named after a noble and chivalrous Order which, according to tradition, was  instituted by the Emperor to distinguish and honor his valiant warriors who  fought in the war against the heathen Saxons. Knights of this Order wore over  their chests an embroidered imperial crown.

According to tradition, descendants of Charlemagne maintained the Order  without great interruption through the centuries. During the French Revolution,  Knights of the Order formed a corps which joined in the service of the  fleur-de-lis of France.

This Order bears absolutely no connection with any other organization or  group in America. It is a non-profit, tax exempt organization, dedicated to  genealogy, history, education and charity.


Current Administrative officers:  

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Objects:    [Additional Information]

Objects of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United  States of America are genealogical, historical, and education purposes; to  preserve lines of descent from Charlemagne; to recognize acts of merit; to  recognize achievements and honors in arts, sciences and letters; to cooperate  with charitable, educational, and patriotic organizations. 

In case of dissolution of this Order, all unused monies will be used for  education, patriotic, and religious purposes. 


Ladies and gentlemen are eligible for membership if they can  prove beyond doubt their descent from the Emperor Charlemagne. However, they  must be proposed in writing by two members or approved by the Admission Committee of the Order to whom they are known  personally.  Letters of proposal and endorsement are sent to the Registrar General, who, with the approval of the Admission Committee, will invite the  prospect to become a member. 

Lineage Claims:        [Additional Information]

Nominees for membership are required to present properly  prepared and endorsed Lineage Claims showing descendancy in full details with  citations. Lineage Papers will  be furnished by the Registrar General upon receipt of the fees. 

The Life Membership Fee:

The Order expects all new members to pay the  Life Membership Fee of seven-hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00). A check for this  amount made payable to the Order must be sent prior to the distribution  of Lineage Claims and is sent to  the Registrar General listed below. 

Insignia:      [Additional Information]

There is a full-size medal of the Order suspended from the red  and white ribbon of the Order for formal wear.

There is a miniature medal available.

A gold Crown of Charlemagne is available for informal wear. A  smaller crown is available to be worn in the lapel.

Pins are available as a bar to be worn on the ribbon of the full-sized medal   each bearing the name of an American Ancestor whose lineage has been approved.

Permits for the ancestor of insignia are issued only by the Registrar General.

FORMER PRESIDENTS:     [Additional Information]

*Marcellus D.R. von Redlich
January 1, 1939 - June 24, 1946
* Dr. Arthur Adams
June 24, 1946 - June 21, 1960
* Mrs. Harry Clark Boden, IV
June 21, 1960 - April 18, 1964
* Mrs. William Carroll Langston
April 18, 1964 - August 15, 1971
* Robert George Cooke
August 15, 1971 - January 1, 1972
* James Orton Buck
January 1, 1972 - April 15, 1982
* Howard L. Hamilton
April 15, 1982 - April 11, 1985
* William Prosser Nottingham
April 11, 1985 - April 14, 1988
* Grahame Thomas Smallwood, Jr.
April 14, 1988 - April 11, 1991
Timothy Field Beard
April 11, 1991 - April 10,2003
Richard Harley Calendine
April 10, 2003 - April 13, 2006
Hardwick Smith Johnson, Jr. EdD
April 13, 2006 - April 16, 2009
Nicholas Donnell Ward, Esq
April 16, 2009 - April 12, 2012

* Deceased


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Registrar General ~ WebMaster
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